Bucket List

Things to do before I die (or after if I must!):
* completed

1. Serve a mission
2. Marry my best friend in the temple* (November 25, 2011)
3. Raise a family with at least two girls so i can…
4. Make them matching dresses
5. Eat an entire box of otter pops with someone. I call all the pinks!
6. Write enough songs to fill an album
7. Find someone to do all the special extras for the songs on my album
8. Get my Interpreting Degree Get my Bachelor’s Degree
9. Get my interpreting certificate {change of plans}
10. Build a snowman
11. Live in a house I designed
12. Make the Top 10 on ourstage.com
13. Slow dance under the moon
14. Visit every temple
15. Finish and publish all the stories I’ve started or have ideas for
16.Get a puppy and keep him all of his life
17. Save a life
18. Go to Washington DC
19. Sled down a very long hill
20. Ride a horse* (June 2012)
21. Successfully water ski
22. Grow my own flower garden* (Summer 2012)
23. Be able to share the gospel with my closest friends
24. Learn how to snowboard
25. Dance on a big stage
26. Climb and count the stairs all the way to the top of the Eiffel Tower
27. Decorate a wedding cake, not for a wedding, but worthy of one
28. Eat crazy French food
29. Go on a cruise
30. Walk down the beach with someone special
31. Befriend someone I don’t like
32. See the Statue of Liberty in person
33. See a play on Broadway {preferably Wicked}
34. Stay up all night with someone special, just to watch the sunrise
35. Become selfless
36. Have enough money to give to others
37. Yell from the Brooklyn Bridge
38. Visit Yellow Stone Park
39. Be physically able to run {and actually run} a mile
40. Stay in my Texas resort and go tubing down the Guadalupe
41. Take pictures all over Italy
42. Grow my hair out til it’s all the way down my back
43. Be fluent in ASL
44. Learn French
45. Play the Flight of the Bumble Bee on the piano
46. Play All of Me on the piano
47. Learn to play a new instrument
48. Climb a tree in a jungle
49. Spend a Thanksgiving or Christmas in a homeless shelter or soup kitchen
50. Give someone a Christmas
51. Read The Count of Monte Cristo all the way through
52. Read Great Expectations all the way through
53. Straight up punch someone in the face {for a good reason! Always wanted to do that! haha}
54. Sky dive
55. Help someone discover who they are
56. Play in the mud… again!
57. Build a ginormous sand castle
58. Wear a dress like the one Audrey Hepburn wears in My Fair Lady with an awesome hat and umbrella
inspired by trissa


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