About this Girl

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EyeEm: [at]tasminskye
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Hello World!

My name is Tasmin Skye. I’m a wife and student with one year left until freedom! Hubby is almost free from the grasp of texts books and studying, too. December 2013, look out! We have been happily married for a year (go us!). He has turned me into a health freak despite my french fry addiction.

I love cooking, I hate cleaning, but I’m still learning about making my house a beautiful home. I love doing my nails and shopping. I love clothes, I love altering clothes, I love wearing clothes. Oh, and accessories. I’m a Pinterest fanatic and a lover of blog reading. I love music and dancing and I sing really loud in my truck when I drive by myself.

I’m a family girl. I moved away from my family when I got married and I miss my Mama very much! Oh, and the rest of my family, too. I have great in-laws here, though. I got lucky there.

I started this blog in August 2012 with the hopes of being a big sisterΒ  and giving knowledgeable and encouraging advice, but realized I wanted to talk about so much more, and so as of now on this lovely day in December, I reroute my intentions to better serve myself and readers… to a blog about everything!

  • Healthy food.recipes
  • Other health tips [like workouts and whatnot]
  • Fashion
  • Eventually [if I get a sewing machine for Christmas] DIY fashion
  • Life tips [mostly just my insights, basically my previous goal will fit in here]
  • My [ridiculous] attempt at being a photographer… maybe someday I will get a legit camera.
  • Marriage.Family
  • My adventures

I hope you enjoy and visit again soon! And I am open to all comments, suggestions, and friendly conversations!


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