a sad day in the photo worlds {365 died}

hello dear friends.

i post today with a heavy heart. i have made the decision to postpone this 365 day challenge. it is much more stressful than it is fun right now {and i will also admit, i got two pictures this week}. school is a total powerhouse, and i’m taking on a lot of responsibilities at church {i won’t complain about that because i love it!}.

it was just bad timing.

i also have been trying to dedicate time to blogging and learning about better blogging and getting involved with other bloggers and so i am leaning more towards that blog i started for my class that i told you about. i told you i would give you a link. here it is.

i’m still not sure, but i feel like it just might be what i need to get myself going again. i feel like i am still having a hard time with my voice here. and so it’s time to improve. i just need a fresh start. i’ll still be here til i am 100% sure, though. don’t worry.

just be patient. and if you have liked me here, you will like me there. check it out for me.

and since we’re friends and all here, if you like.hate.love.whatever it, you should tell me. k? thanks.



2 thoughts on “a sad day in the photo worlds {365 died}

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  2. I tried posting on your new blog and didn’t have much luck-so I posted it on your old one 🙂
    love this, simplicity is the key and it is something I work on constantly because we live in a world of chaos. I was following “be your own beautiful” and loved this and I am loving this one as well.
    This must be crazy but I am offering a Tele-event for women to really take some quantum leaps in their lives. It is a great opportunity to meet other women as well. If you are interested it is free, you can find more information here: http://crazyfunsexyguide.com/2013/07/09/discover-your-rich-feminine-bliss-live-tele-event/
    Many blessings!

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