it’s not you… it’s me

i just want to warn you, i may be dedicating my time elsewhere in the next few months. at least for the semester.

i’m not leaving, i just have to have a blog for a class i’m taking. it can’t be this existing one so i have ventured to blogger… am i traitor? i’m so sorry! i will still be posting here, but if i’m out for several consecutive days, then i might be over there.

this is giving me a chance to test out my designing skills and if i like the way it turns out, i might just switch. HOWEVER, don’t go leaving me ok? because i’m not leaving you… yet. this is just a warning. a precursor. a thought perhaps.

just be patient with me. it’s not you i promise.

it’s me.

i will give you a link when it’s ready if you would like. it’s not ready though.

here’s a cupcake to help ease the pain. i hope it helps. i made it last week. it’s a little old, sorry. i’m not really helping am i? i’m just gonna leave…

cupcake = happiness


6 thoughts on “it’s not you… it’s me

    • Haha. I do love cupcakes! I once thought of opening a cake ball shop…. then I married a healthy guy. Go figure. haha
      I had blogger before, but didn’t like the navagation, so I came here. But not I am frustrated with the layouts and I want something unique and blogger lets me do that for free. Ups and downs to both. I will let you know when I make me final decision! Tehe.

    • Hey friend! Sorry, it’s been a while since I’ve been back on WordPress, school is running my life and that includes the other blog. First, thanks! I’m liking the unique features, too! Second, I actually made it. The class I’m taking for the blogging has a computer lab with the Adobe Suite on it, so I have been playing with Illustrator and Photoshop. Third, if you are an avid blog reader like me, you should look into bloglovin! It’s just like a reader only you can have all blogging platforms on it! I love mine! I have yours on mine with several others. And last, you are so sweet! I need to go back and read more of your old posts so we can have more chats! 🙂

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