{365} week 4

hello friends!

it has been a full weekend. friday night was dinner with all my buds for cameron’s birthday. saturday was fourwheeling. sunday, brock and i got to go out to his grampa’s for meatloaf and potatoes! i am a loser though because i have no pictures. i need to remember to take pictures while i have fun… i just don’t think about it.

in any case, here is the last weeks pictures of nature and not my fun times! week 4

  1. and the green moss grows all around, all around. i took a picture at grampa’s. it was his tree! score!
  2. twisted tree! I did take one picture while four wheeling …wink wink…
  3. dang. i realized just now that i took a picture on all of my fun days, because this one is from dinner. right out side the restaurant. tree and a lamp. bam.
  4. night shot. look at that pretty pink sky!
  5. well… it’s january and my leaves are still gathered in my yard. oops!

snap some pictures and share them with me! what does the world around you look like?



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