{fat-loss friday} processed foods are drugs

hello dear friends!

i know i haven’t been as post-happy as i was last week. last week was super fun! i haven’t posted that often since my instagram challenge in november. but school is in session and it definitely puts a strain on my time. don’t be surprised if i post 3 times a week, or even 2, until like may.

lets get to why i am posting today, shall we?? fat-loss!

last week i talked about balancing out your eating habits. i hope it made sense. today, i am going to talk about something that actually, kind of, pretty much, and all together, makes me just mad.

processed foods are drugs

i have a really hard time talking about this without flipping out, so be patient.

i love food. i love it. i love it. i love it.

unfortunately, a majority of the food available in america and other first world countries is processed. anything that comes in a box is processed. all our dairy is processed [pasteurized]. any frozen prepackaged meal you might buy, processed. this list goes on and on. it would be easier for me to list what isn’t.

fresh cuts of meat
fresh {and frozen} fruits and vegetable
some grains, like rice

ummmm. yeah that’s all i can think of. here are my personal thoughts. i believe in god. i believe that god created the food we eat to give us nutrients and make us stronger, healthy humans. the stuff that man adds to that, or takes away is processed and unnatural. seriously! do you want to consume man-made crap? i don’t have the words to articulate the meaning!

most of the processing comes in order to preserve and mass-produce. understandable. but still terrible for you! people say that processed dairy is good because it eliminates the “food born illness” but what they are doing to the milk is taking out the good, natural fats our bodies need. you can get food born illness from anything, let’s be real. it’s not good for us if it’s unnatural. that’s the bottom line.

this gal makes some good points about processed foods and she does it nicely. …wink wink… check it out and when you’re done reading her short list, i will tell you about the drugs. i know that caught your attention.

i’ve heard this several places: processed foods and fast foods {which, duh, are processed} are addictive! the additives in those foods send signals to our brains that, hormonally and neurologically create emotions of instant …hmm. i guess happiness, or instant gratification.

now that you are thinking about it, you are going, well yeah, it’s good food! but what about cravings? what about how you sometimes can’t stop eating that one thing? {for me, its french fries} it’s your brain wanting more of that stimulus. you can read a little more here.

i don’t know if i can give you that much more information. can i just urge you to try and eat clean?! that’s the basic thing. eat fresh {or frozen} fruits and veggies, eat good meats, proteins, and stay away from anything that comes in a box or has words your can’t pronounce in the ingredients!

i promise! you will feel better. you will notice a difference. it’s okay to go back every once in a while and eat it. we do it! but i tell you what, i feel like poop afterwards. baby steps. remember? try one clean meal a day. then try two. next thing you know, you will be a clean eater!

next week i will share some of my healthy snack ideas with you!

have a good weekend, friends!



3 thoughts on “{fat-loss friday} processed foods are drugs

  1. I know how you feel! It’s hard for me to not flip out over our food system sometimes too. I for one feel incredibly better and have noticed huge differences in myself in many ways since I started eating better, fresher foods. What’s really unfortunate though, is that even fresh produce could possibly be hazardous – for the past 10 years we’ve been eating genetically modified foods largely without knowing it, and now questions are being raised about the science behind it and whether or not it could be hurting us and the environment. (If you want to learn more about GM foods, subscribe to my blog, I post at least weekly.)

    • That is such a good point! I thought about going the organic route with our produce, but there is really no guarantee that that hasn’t been altered or sprayed, etc. I can’t wait to have a huge garden to grow my own 🙂
      I will definitely check out your blog. Thanks for stopping by!

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