{365} week 3

hey there!

are you surprised that i only have five again?? well, shoot. i am! i keep trying and i still forget two days out of every week. not fair. but i must go on!week 3

  1. this is emily. she is brock’s grampa’s horse. isn’t she pretty?
  2. you might wonder how this applies to a nature challenge. well let me tell you! there are carnations. nature. and there is real, truly real chicken on the table. chick-fil-a win.
  3. just a pretty tree.
  4. this was a bonfire. i love fire. if i had a  super power, i would control fire. and i would light things on fire. is that creepy?
  5. ducks! i love ducks! i hate birds, but i love ducks! i don’t know why. is it not wonderful to live next to water? i used to live in a desert. this is nice.

that’s it for this week! i will share more next tuesday but you can keep up on instagram {unless i use a real camera}
{at}tasminskye, because like i said today, it’s back!


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