one lovely blog award!

surprise to tasmin! i was awarded the ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD this week. special thanks to my blogging friend at thingsyourealizeafteryougetmarried!

this is such a fun way to get to know some other bloggers and to share your faves and find out who chooses you as a fave! and it means i’m doing pretty well, i guess!

here’s the rules:

  • display the award certificate on your website. {done}
  • announce your win with a post and link back to whoever presented your award. {yup}
  • present 15 awards to deserving bloggers and let them know you nominated them. drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post.
  • post 7 interesting things about yourself.

so here are my deserving bloggers of such a wonderful award  {in no particular order}

onelovelylife ~ i love love love this blog. she has such an adorable family, her recipes are wonderful, and i just enjoy looking at the pictures of her family. such a sweet blog!

iamtrissap ~ this is actually my friend who i inspired to start blogging {cough…brag}. she’s a newbie, but i really do enjoy reading her adventures since we live so far apart. and she just has an entertaining voice. it’s always a good read in her corner.

merricksart ~ this girl can sew! great outfits, adorable boys, and just a fun blog.

storiesofkel ~ i’m a new follower here, but i really enjoy  her stories. this girl has been through a lot {and is still going through some tough stuff}, and she is quite inspiring. and she’s just fun!

elleapparel ~ i’m new here, too. cute clothes! tutorials! crafts! and a shop {uh oh}!

aaaaand those are my {5}. i’m not good at following recipes. and i’m not good at following rules, but i did everything else, so i think that’s good for me! tehehe.

now for 7 interesting things about me. hmmmm… where should i start? i’m thinking of things i haven’t blogged about that you don’t already know… thinking… got it!

  1. i can’t swim. well kinda, but if i was lost in the ocean alone and stranded, i would drown and die. it could happen in a lake, too.
  2. i’m a chick-fil-a-aholic. i could seriously eat there every day. it’s the only place i can go and know what i will order before brock does. chicken tenders with lots of chick-fil-a sauce and half of brock’s french fries. for real, the chicken there is real, you can see the grains of the meat. that is testimony enough. not to mention the delicious tender.juicy.crispy.delightful flavor. {siiigh} i want some right now. but due to my healthy factor, i usually only get it like once or twice a month [that’s probably more often than a normal health nut, but i’m not normal anyway].
  3. i have mixed emotions about  my hair. i love love love pixie cuts and i had one this summer. but i miss miss miss my long hair. but it doesn’t curl the greatest and it’s super super fine so there isn’t a lot of it, so all the pictures i see of long-haired girls are just feeding me false hopes. should i cut it again?? i can’t decide.
  4. i love roller coasters. not much else to say there. i just love the rush!
  5. i want to drop out of school {but one year left}. but i do have a class this semester all about internet communities and writing for the web and blah blah {basically stuff for blogging! ber ber ber [trumpets]}.
  6. i crave some international adventures. my husband has been to at least five different countries outside the US [not sure the exact total] and i have only ever been to nogales, mexico. if you didn’t know, that’s like a 5min walk from the border… and i literally walked there from the US. through the gate of course.
  7. lastly, i am secretly, but not so secretly, addicted to once upon a time on abc. i could watch the episodes again and again. love it.

now you know a little more about me… and maybe too much? i don’t know! tehe. thank you again, for the award! it helps me want to keep it up and also get to know some other awesome blogging folks out there! happy wednesday, everyone!



9 thoughts on “one lovely blog award!

  1. Congratulations!!! How wonderful! Love onelovelylife as well, and I (ahem) helped you find her… I will have to check out the rest of your blog roll. Proud of you!

  2. And… Yay for chik-fil-a and once upon a time. DVR it so you can join the two.
    Brock needs to take you to Italy.
    I like the trumpets.
    No dropping out.
    your mom

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