{365} week 2

well we’re here another week and i didn’t do any improving… i still only got five shots this week. but i will try harder next week.

i will say that this desert rat living in arkansas is freezing her little {but really big} butt off. it’s 28 degrees. i know that’s nothing compared to the entire northern half of the country, but seriously! i am dying of hypothermia. hence i don’t get out and take all my pictures. but here they are!

week 2

  1. rainy day in arkansas. rain on my windshield. rain on the trees.
  2. little purple flower in a pot outside of work. it makes me happy every day.
  3. there’s a street just parallel to mine that has gorgeous houses all down it. and of course their trees are all in a line.
  4. my dead plant. brock got it for me last february 11th {because i hate valentines day} and it was so pretty. it was a bromeliad, the kind that only has one bloom, but then it had pups {that’s the real word, trust me} and i am not a good enough gardener because the pups died… as you can see.
  5. just some woods.

happy tuesday all!



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