the wednesday letters {a review}

remember the sweet lady who bought me the wednesday letters that i talked about last week?

well it only took me a few short days to read the book. a reader asked me to share my thoughts. and here they are:

oh. my. gosh.

read it.

unless you don’t like crying during books. it is seriously an emotional roller coaster and i loved it… but was mad at myself for bawling several times in the span on 5 days.

i cannot give you a summery because there are a lot of twists and unexpected secrets. but the main thing in this story is love and forgiveness. it’s about a husband who writes his wife a letter every wednesday. and that’s all i can really tell you because the first thing happens in the first chapter so i can’t even explain anything without ruining it.

so just go to the library and loan it, or buy it on amazon here. i just went to the books website {i shall not give you the link because it has a summary. don’t read it!} and found out there is a sequel!!!! aaaagh! i might have to invest when i have a school break.

ok. that’s all i have to say. seriously, it’s a really great story and i recommend it to all.


p.s. it’s totally my birthday. i just wanted to say that on the internet. 22. whew. i have a far way to go.


4 thoughts on “the wednesday letters {a review}

  1. I read the book a couple years ago. I understand what you mean. There’s no way to summarize it.


    I just started “The Wedding Letters,” a sequel. I’m not sure what kind of curveballs I’ll encounter.

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