{fat-loss friday} don’t drink your calories!

happy friday, everyone! it’s the first sunny day all week. the weekend is here. tomorrow is my birthday. life is good.

how did you do on finding your maximum caloric intake number from last week’s tip? was it helpful, discouraging? talk to me, i can help if it was a problem.

if you haven’t found it, i encourage you to read last week’s because it is a really good starter tip for a healthier lifestyle.

today is also super important in our everyday life:

don’t drink your calories!

we should only be consuming so much in a day, why would you waste them on a 12oz can of coke {140cal}, or even a glass of orange juice from my favorite Simply Orange {110cal}. Some drinks can be good for you, like the later, but most are not. Especially, especially especially soda! Even the diet stuff is crap on crap! Juices are generally packed with sugar, coffee is…. well I’m a not a drinker of coffee so I just don’t encourage it. the point is….

drink water!

a gallon a day

most people say we should drink 64oz of water a day, or 8 glasses. that is an excellent start. however, a lot of stuff brock and i are learning about healthy lifestyle is saying that we should drink twice that. that equals a gallon.

now i have never been a big water drinker expect in the hot.arizona.desert.summers. but it’s winter and it’s really hard for me. but i have come up with a plan that has helped me a lot!

i have this big thirst buster [lame i know, but totally convenient! i love it!] and i used to try to drink 5 of them a day [that would be a gallon]. i did not do it one single time.

but now i have this new plan. i have a gallon pitcher. every night [since tuesday night when i started this! ha!] i fill it up and put it in the fridge. then all the water i drink the next day comes from that. it helps me because i think in terms how much is left not how much i have already drank [like counting glasses]. it just gives me a better gauge. i have done it both wednesday and thrusday and i am on excellent track for today.

so try one of those, if counting glasses is good for you, try that. if you might like the backwards track, fill a pitcher, or start saving your milk jugs!

no cheating! no one else can drink from your pitcher. that’s the rule.

why is it so important?

  1. up to 60% of our bodies are water. some organs contain higher percentage [like our brains at 70% and our lungs at 90%]. we kind of need it or we die. there, i said it. [got that here]
  2. when you are trying to slim down, drinking that much water helps control your appetite. i promise, with a gallon of water in you every day, you will not be as hungry!
  3. it also helps flush out a lot stuff your body doesn’t need {obviously}. pretty important in the slim-down process. if you are normally a non-water-drinker like myself, your body is used to containing what little water you drink, and so you are carrying a lot of water weight. when you start to drink, your body goes, oh! sweet! I don’t have to hold extra because I keep getting more! and so, you can get rid of the unneeded extra water. do you follow?
  4. this is just helpful, but entirely unrelated. water is excellent for teeth cleaning {says my dentist}! part of healthy living is eating a lot of fruit… fruit is full of natural sugar that still harms your teeth. if you drink after you eat, it helps rinse all that sugar out. this is especially important to do after eating citrus because of all the acid.

so, i think i gave you enough information. there’s a lot more out there. but this is what you need for now. if you can’t do a gallon, just try the 64oz and don’t feel bad. work up to it. it’s a hard change, i know. I’ve been trying for a year {but I finally found a plan that works for me! – that’s key! What works for you?}.

good luck, friends. and get drinking!



3 thoughts on “{fat-loss friday} don’t drink your calories!

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  2. Wow, a gallon seems a lot. I am glad when those 8 glasses in.
    I do wonder though, if a gallon isn’t too much. I read somewhere that drinking too much water will make you flush out the nutrients and minerals, and actually create a lack of them. I usually try to listen to whatever my body wants.
    I have this trick with the glasses of drinking a large (500ml) glass before breakfast, then a regular mug of coffee with a regular glass of water for breakfast. Thats one liter down. Then another large glass half an hour before lunch and another one during lunch. So thats already 2 liters. Then a mug of tea during, well, teatime. And another large glass half an hour before dinner. So thats a guaranteed 2,75 liters. And with some in between coffees and sips out of my water bottle I might make 3 liters a day, which is not so much short of a gallon.

    • I have heard that too much of water is bad thing, too. I guess I have never heard an amount. It sounds like you have a pretty good system and I think that 3 liters is a really good amount. I try to drink a gallon every day, but if I don’t, I’m happy if I drink more than half. It’s really hard for me in the winter, but in the summer, I’m sure a gallon isn’t too much. Expecially when I sweat half of it out in the humidity. I will have to look into that “too much water” thing!
      Thanks for your comment!

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