{365} week 1

welcome to week 1 of the 365 challenge!

i have a confession…

it has only been one week… and i already missed two days. baaah! but i wasn’t going to cheat and take two pictures in one day, so i am owning up to my forgetfulness. but on the other hand, this means there is room for improvement.

i also have to say that i am really really lucky. i live in arkansas [but only have for about 13 months] and the nature here [which is the focus of my 365 day challenge] is every where! thought I have a feeling i am going to have to get creative in these winter months… i can’t wait for spring!

in any case, here is this week’s pictures for my challenge!{week 1}

1. creek near in my in-laws’ backyard {they have an amazing piece of land!}
2. i really have no idea what plant this is. the little red berries are so vibrant! this is next to my daily parking spot at work.
3. i really like incorporating the sun in pictures. i love it. it’s bright and happy. and it makes these fluffy things really cool. {maybe i should learn the names of the plants i take pictures of. anyone know a picture recognition place i can do that??}
4. creek down the street from my house.
5. this is actually a sad story. this is in my front yard. where my tree used to be. my tree literally broke in half {like, length wise} and fell over. it was the prettiest tree in the street and it depressed me so. this is all that’s left of it.

i hope you enjoyed! have you started a 365 day challenge {it doesn’t have to start on january first}? want to tell me??



4 thoughts on “{365} week 1

  1. I just came across your blog and I think that this challenge is such a fun idea! It will be awesome to be able to look back on all these pictures! And don’t worry about missing days…I totally understand! Every single day is hard!

    • Thank you Ali!
      I’m hoping I will see some improvement in my photo skills as I progress throughout the year. You should do it, too! With any topic! I am really enjoying it, but you are right, it is a challenge!

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