{fat-loss friday} an intro + calories

hello readers!

today is a great day. it is the first friday of the new year and i have decided that i am going to start a series. fat-loss friday! i’m not gonna tell you how long it is going to last because i don’t know. it may go on forever!

why? because i am only a new a health freak due to marrying one. he is dedicating to learning more and more about being healthy and so i keep learning more along with him. which is why i decided to start this series in the first place. i would call it healthy living or clean eating or something, but no days of the week start with those letters …wink…

this series is going to include the healthy tips that brock and i live by {or are trying to} for eating and exercising. hopefully they will be things that can help you, too!

before i start though, i have to tell you that some things may be really hard to do. some things brock and i are still working on. some ideal healthy practices are just really difficult to attain in some areas [like eating non-homogenized dairy]. the bottom line is 99% of the food in america should not be eaten. thank you FDA {i will explain later}. we can only do our best. and i encourage you, as you join me in my healthy living, to do just that. your best. you don’t have to do it all right away. ease into healthy living if you aren’t used to it. try new things, eliminate things that don’t work for you. everyone is different. but just do your best.

with that in mind, lets start with the first fat-loss.healthy.clean tip:

find your maximum caloric intake [MCI]

{find the amount of calories you should eat in one day to stay the exact same weight you are}

this is based on your age, height, gender, current weight, and how active you are.

you can find that out on several different sites. here are a couple:

freedieting {free calculator}
myfitnesspal {must sign up: includes calorie counting software and app}

why is this important? well, eating healthy does not mean counting calories. except for at first. this is really helpful to know where your at, how much you are consuming, and what you need to change. calories aren’t everything when it comes to health, but they are a big part.

the MCI is going to lead you in the right direction. if you are trying to lose weight, it will tell you the amount of calories you should eat {on my fitnesspal you can set goals like “i want to lose 10lbs in 3 months” and it gives you a new calorie count for you to go by}. if you want to gain weight {and i mean good weight} this is also really helpful by showing you how much to increase you MCI without over doing it.

i suggest that as you begin to eat healthy and live a healthier life, start counting your calories so that you can figure out what you personally need to change. brock and i used myfitnesspal [above]. you can do it online or there is also an app. it is a little time consuming, but after a couple weeks you won’t need to use it.

the MCI is a really great tool to get started, especially since every body is different. you can read books or articles all day about how many calories a person should eat, but they can’t tell you poop because you have a body that no one else does.

try it this week, and as we delve into some healthier habits, you will feel better inside and out. that is my goal with this. love the way you feel and love they way you look!



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