365 day challenge

happy last day of 2012! i can’t believe the end of this year is here. the year went by so fast and now it’s time to tackle my very first 365 day challenge.
i have never done one before so this might be tricky. i don’t have a set of rules yet. i will probably make them up as I go.
this will be a photography challenge and my theme is nature. i will be taking a photo of nature everyday this year {if i miss a day, don’t judge me}. i will recap each week. since the first is on tuesday, i will be recapping in tuesdays, but if you want to keep up daily you can follow me on the eyeem app or online. {at}tasminskye.
i might look into a Flickr… but like I said, make up the rules as i go. i have a photobucket, but i’m not too happy with it at the moment. i don’t like the latest version. anywho… keep up with me and do it, too if you want!
pick a different topic if you like. the wonderful person i stole this from did a self portrait one year and is doing her home this year {i will link you to it when i get home and am not posting from my phone… and can find the page}. if you come up with a different topic, let me know! …smile
happy new year! i’m gonna have a party with my pals now.


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