white christmas

happy holidays, friends.

wow, it has been way to long since i have blogged. i have never been a blogger during the holiday season and it caught me off guard. i didn’t have a plan and so i neglected blogging. next year i will be more prepared.

i hope your christmas was cheerful and wonderful! mine was really hard. it was my first christmas away from home. christmas eve is my favorite family tradition. we have a progressive dinner with all of my dad’s side of the fam [consisting of roughly 40 cousins.aunt.uncles.grandparents.etc.]. we start at one house and have appetizers, main dish at the next, dessert and our christmas program at the last. we drive all over town {looking at lights} in between houses.

the program is the best part. i have a very musically talented family. we all sing songs, some perform their own either by singing or playing instruments. my very favorite thing is when we all sing do you hear what i hear. it’s an amazing song and when my whole family sings it, it sounds like a chorus of angels. i missed that.

i got a phone call at my in-laws during a rousing card game, christmas eve. my mom had called during my favorite song and i got to hear it over the phone. it totally made my christmas. i couldn’t help but blubber all over our game.

going to bed was equally as hard as missing the program. we usually put mattresses, blankets and all the stuff needed to bed all the kids in my family in my parents room on christmas eve so we can all go out in the morning together. i really missed that, too.

before i go any further, i have to say that i adore my in-laws {and obviously my husband}. they have welcomed me into their family like i’ve always been there. they take such great care of me and love me like a real daughter. christmas was fabulous and i enjoyed being with them and spending the week at their house.

it just was different and it wasn’t the same and that made it hard. i miss my family very much. i’m probably one of the most thankful people on this planet when it comes to technology. it gives me the chance to talk to them whenever i want. what a blessing.

another thing i experienced this christmas that i never have before was… snow. my very first {white christmas}. i loved it. everyone laughed at me for going gaga, but i couldn’t help it.

white christmas

how was your christmas? what is your favorite tradition?


6 thoughts on “white christmas

  1. My Christmas was great! We have discovered that not only does my son like books…..he loves them. He got a lot of loud toys with flashing lights for Christmas. He has played with them but he carries ALL of his books around with him. I have to read at least two of them or “listen” to him “read” to me. He is only 14 months so he is just saying gibberish but it’s so cute. I had to take some photos. This Christmas was our third that we spent it as a family. Our first two was in Japan so we couldn’t afford to fly back to the States. It was a wonderful Christmas which has prompted a bi-weekly library trip. πŸ™‚

    • Oh that sounds prefect! I love that your son loves to read. I hope he keeps that love all his life! I loved going tithe library when I was little! I’m sure he will too!
      I bet it’s nice to be back home for Christmas πŸ™‚ I’m so glad it was a good one for you!

  2. Missed you, too, baby. You and snow sounds like me and leaves! And it was pretty weird having all that space left over in my bedroom on Christmas Eve.

  3. My Christmas was great! We get together with my in-laws on Christmas eve and my side on Christmas day. (I am fortunate that our immediate families all live in the same city…. Although sometimes I wish I could “fly home” for Christmas!) :D…. It must be tough though to not be able to be with your family and take part in your traditions for Christmas—maybe you and your husband could alternate which side you spend Christmas with each year or every 2nd year if possible?

    • How nice that they all live near by! It was like that for me when I was younger. My mom’s side was only an hour and a half away so it was easy to spend holidays with both sides. Last year we were with my family, so that was great. We are not sure about next Christmas… we are both graduation, so my parents might come out. But I hope we can work out a pattern of who we’re with each year!

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