owl tutorial

happy thursday to all.

remember i told you i did some crafting over the weekend? well this is the best thing i made. isn’t he the cutest owl you ever saw?


for the original tutorial {that only has pictures, but helpful ones} click here. if you want mine, it’s below. i’m experimenting. i have never done a tutorial before and there are a lot of ways i could have done it. so be honest. are these instructions easy? do they make sense? would you even make this adorable little owl?

owl tutorial

p.s. totally took my owl picture with that app i told you about yesterday. booyah.



3 thoughts on “owl tutorial

  1. Owl is SOOOO cute and i always love the pictures you take, whatever the app. (and, sure, now that i learned to use instagram…. I have to switch!!)

    My comment on the tutorial all depends on if you want a critique from someone who can’t follow directions and isn’t very good at crafts. And if you want if from the vocabulary police because you know I wish you’d use bottom or keester or something. :/

    Okay, so the layout is super adorable and all your drawings blow me away, but I have to admit (although with a bit of embarrassment and chagrin) that I had to read it several times before I understood everything. Because When I cam back around to 6, which doesn’t have a picture, I thought the picture for 6 was the picture for 2. Does that make sense? Like I said, can’t follow directions, so you can ignore that if you want. 7 I get after reading a few times. Like, stitching around the eyes to me is a circle around them, but it’s from the center, out, go back to the center underneath, 6 times. I know, I’m pathetic, but you know how I am. 9 I would have to be reminded about the circle of felt for the bottom, because I’m a dork.

    See? Someone like Aunt Missy would TOTALLY get that! I am craft-impaired, so there ya go.


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