so i don’t know if any of you have heard, but instagram is changing their policy come january 16th, 2013. if you want to read the new policy, click here.

from what i understand {which may not be 100% accurate}, instagram will own all of our pictures and will able to sell them to companies for advertisement and whatnot with no compensation or notification to us. i think that’s bull crap. they be straight trippin!

i am especially distraught because, since the instagram challenge we did last month, i have become a big fan. i totally love it and i am so sad that they would use us like this! so i have been doing some searching for a replacement and so far i found one that i really like, and one that may be awesome, but haven’t explored yet.

the first is an app called, EyeEm.  a couple of the things i like about this app are:

  • you can access it from the internet {you could not do that with instagram}
  • when you post a picture to a category [instead of several hashtags] you find other similar pictures automatically
  • the layout is just pretty
  • a lot of people are migrating to this app because of the instagram fiasco, so i think this may get pretty popular

i encourage you to check it out. i only have like two photos on mine… but i will be adding more as i convert from instagram. we will see how everything plays out come january 16th. if you want to follow me or check out the layout.mypage.etc. here i am.

the second one i found was Foap. this is an app where you can upload your pictures and companies can buy them from you. again, i haven’t checked this out, i don’t know if it comes with edits or anything. i just thought it was awesome because it is doing the same thing instagram wants to do only you are getting your credit and money for your pictures.

what’s your take? are you gonna boycott instagram, or just not worry about?



3 thoughts on “Insta-Whaaat?

  1. I’m boycotting Instagram and all those other photos apps again. I am a photographer so I do bring my camera pretty much everywhere I go even the grocery stores because I never know when there will be a moment to photograph my son for some reason. I originally boycotted Instagram when I heard about it a months ago. Then I got pressured into it by my friends because they said blah blah blah it was so awesome. I got it and took 4 pictures because I decided it was useless to me since I could produce better pictures with my DSLR camera then my crappy 5 mpix camera on my phone. Then I wake up and get the down low from a photography group I’m apart of. At this point I decide if I a company wants to be so shady to not pay me for images I have created then they aren’t worth sticking around for. I deleted my account and will not return to any of these companies. Right now I’m waiting for a very good excuse to leave Facebook.

    • you go girl! i wish i had a fancy DSLR camera… maybe someday. i would follow in your shoes if i did. i totally agree with you, though. shady is not my cup of tea. i have also been debating deleting facebook. i posted a status about it like two days ago and everyone flipped. the only reason i keep it because i moved away from home and everyone i have known all my life is connected on facebook. maybe i will just deactivate it frequently and only get on occasionally. thanks for you comment!

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