christmas cookies

happy monday, folks!

i had a pretty crazy, but very fun weekend! brock and i took our pictures {yay}, and we took some family pictures with his side of the fam. i also did some crafty stuff that i will share later this week, but most importantly, i got my photobucket edits. {yessss}

that means i can share my christmas cookies with you!

3 toppings ~ nuts.sprinkles.candycane packaged nice and tight these are really simple cookies.i used this recipe from the pampered chef. the recipe uses the cookie press sold by pampered chef {which i have} but you can buy a fairly inexpensive one at wal-mart or probably a local grocery store! or you can easily dip some homemade sugar cookies and forget the press all together. in any case…

 brock does not like the spritz cookies… he says they are boring and plain. i kind of agree. however, when you dip them in chocolate and sprinkle them with nuts.sprinkles.candycanes they are delicious.

here’s my dipping process:

[1] melt 6 blocks of almond bark in the microwave for short intervals, stirring each time ~do not over cook~ i start with 1 min, then do 30 sec after that each time.

[2] add a tablespoon or two of canola oil {the only time i ever use that crap} to thin it out.

[3] dip cookie and sprinkle with desired topping immediately

[4] refrigerate cookies until chocolate hardens {30 min tops, doesn’t take very long}

[5] bag and give!

cute, easy, and yummy. even though they have a ton of butter {shhhh}.

happy holidays, friends! i hope you enjoy your holiday goodies, whatever they may be… if they are not cookies, do share! i always need new ideas!



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