frustration…but not so much.

i have been wanting to share my holiday cookies with all of you very badly. but for some reason i do not understand, is being completely retarded and i am about to throw my laptop on the floor. i edit my picture and then… it won’t save. i have no idea why. i have done everything. i am not very happy. so you are going to have to wait for the cookie recipe. maybe early next week. but i will definitely share, next week, even if i can’t edit my pictures.

let’s talk about something happier. i have a list:

el numero uno

had a great week with trissa, though i am sad our adventures are over. i needed some girl time doing nothing.

el numero dos

i got straight A’s baby! this last semester has been really tough and i thought i had mostly B’s (which is fine by me). but turns out… all A’s. don’t know how that worked, but whatevs. i’m happy!

el numero tres

cameron is one of my besties. it’s nice that he works right down the street from my house and if he is bored or i am bored, i can go say hi. and sometimes if he is bored after work, he comes and hangs out with me and brock. brock and cameron were besties first. it’s nice we all get along. i don’t think my neighbor likes his loud car though.

el numero quatro

i had a {heart to heart} with my other bestie yesterday. kimber and i have been friends since we were 4. needless to say we have a special friendship. i love that girl!

el numero cinco

christmas is almost here and i can’t wait to give brock his gift! but… i can’t tell you what it is, just in case he reads this. shhhhhh

that’s all. have a happy weekend, folks. we’re going to hang with the in-laws, brock’s brother just flew in last night, so it’s fun in the sun… and freezing cold… for the weekend. we might be taking anniversary picture {finally}. i might share them with you… wink wink…



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