Metaphorically Speaking

it’s been a good week so far. trissa [whom i have inspired to start blogging] and i have been adventuring, but mostly inside my house because it’s {freeze your whiskers off} cold outside. we are desert girls, cold is not in our realm of happiness. it’s been 25 degrees the last few mornings… i have been taking advantage of my first pair of thermals. at least i think they are thermals. they’re called cuddl duds and they are really warm. i never needed any before, but i like them!

in any case, due to the fact that we would probably contract hypothermia if we step outside, we decided to start a 1000 piece puzzle of a barn, field, and sky… the field pieces all look the same… the sky pieces all look the same. it’s freakin hard. but this puzzle has taught be a lot of things. i’m about to get nerdy …wink…

puzzles are like life

Puzzle = Life

  • if they were easy, no one would want to do them
  • sometimes it takes more than one pair of eyes to find the missing piece
  • we have to look at all different angles.options.possibilities
  • made for two or more people {makes it so much more interesting and fun}
  • some parts are completed quickly, others take time.patience.hard work
  • there are times when we want to give up, but after walking away, we tend to go back
  • every piece has a place… it’s not complete without every single one
  • when the masterpiece is complete, it brings a sense of pride.accomplishment.satisfaction

We are still in the {give up but keep going back} stage. But tell me wrong. Do these not relate to all of us at one time in our lives or another?


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