Finding my Voice

Help dear readers!

I have been deeply pondering the direction of this blog all weekend. And can I say that I felt completely naked not posting for two whole days? But also a little less stressed, but sad, but relieved, but lonely. Mixed feelings as you see. I will be posting more frequently than I was pre-challenge, but not every day as I was during the challenge. That was sometimes tricky.

And speaking of tricky, I need help. I need opinions. I need your advice!

I started this blog in a way that I would hope would inspire young girls. Trying to be a big sister and give advice on life and all that lame, horrible, and wonderful stuff we go through in those most important years of discovering who we are.

But as I have blogged, and read blogs, and have gotten “out there” so to speak, I realize that teenage girls have a lot more on their plate than reading blogs. I know there are some. I know that a handful of you do read (and I hope it makes a difference to you and I am thankful for your support). But for the most part, my goal seems empty and slightly pointless.

I started nearly five months ago… It’s time to solidify myself in the blogging world. Discover my voice. My channel. My path. But do I continue in this goal? Or do I pursue another?

Dear reader, please help! Even if this is your first visit. What do you want to hear about?? I have come up with three different avenues I can go:

The first is to obviously stick with this! And not worry about my seemingly silly concerns.

The second is to turn my blog into a lifestyle blog and write about me and my life… Same idea of “your own beauty” only it will be mine and hopefully inspire others… and if it includes some helpful tips along the way that may have been more geared towards this blog, so be it. It may include clothes, recipes, make-up tips, my life in general, healthy habits, eventually child rearing, and whatever else happens to happen in my life.

The final option is to change this into a health blog, again, still on the same idea with “beauty” only this would be more physical, less personality/emotions. People in the real, uncyber world tend to approach me for this kind of advice more often than not. This would probably contain more recipes and workout stuff, maybe some personal hygiene and body care type stuff.

I feel like I can write either way… but what do you want? What would be more helpful to you? I have no idea where to go, or who I am becoming with this. Help me find a direction!

Please comment and share! If you don’t want to do that… email is available to at: beyourownbeautifulself(at)gmail(dot)com.

Thank you readers. And happy Monday to you all!



17 thoughts on “Finding my Voice

  1. I would love it if you combined all three! Stick with the first one and maybe incorporate your life experiences into it. And maybe you can have a few different blog posts where you talk about health tips. I think it would be great! 🙂

  2. Tas, I think you should simply be yourself. Share your life and your inspiring words for the youth of today. Make it all 3 of your options. There’s nothing stopping you from sharing whatever you want. In fact, like other blogs, you can have certain days set aside for certain things, like Monday is Beauty and Tuesday is Health and so on. You have things to share and you should never give up on something you want to do. 🙂

    • I love that idea! I have been wondering if there would be a nice way to organize things on here and I love the idea of having certain days! I will use that. Thank you so much for the encouragement, ideas, and your support! Hugs!

  3. Don’t roll your eyes at me because I’m your mom. You ALREADY have a great voice. Your readers will STAY with you because your personality SHINES through your writing. Having said that, I like ymiddle suggestion. It’s YOU and it may not always stay on the same theme (do any of us??) but it will always be *you*.

    Now I get that that is a totally ‘mom’ thing to say, but I would say the same of *any* authors I like to read that are not my children. That means anybody BUT you, right? I don’t think it’s always about the content. Nicholas Sparks can write a cereal box blurb and I will read it. But I did quit reading my favorite financial blog because, even though the advice is still good, it’s no longer the same writer.

    Just my two.

    • Oh mom, you don’t have to make excuses to your advice because you are my mother! I know. 🙂 And thank you. All of that makes sense and means a lot. I hope I don’t have to write cereal box blurbs one day, though… Tehehe. I appreciate you, Mama. Thanks for me being such a great rock. And for teaching me how to write. I love you.

  4. I have LOVED everything you’ve written so far. Your advice and opinions cheer me up, encourage me, and inspire me to be better, even though I’m not a teenager. I agree with a post above saying you should be yourself and do what feels right. But since you asked for what we want, I’d love more of what you’ve already been doing! I think I’ll enjoy whatever you write because of yoir fun, frank style and your enthusiasm and personality. But teens or not, everyone needs to be told they’re beautiful, and your blog helps me feel like I am 🙂

    • Sarah. Thank you! I don’t know how to type that with the intense sincerity that are really in those two words. It makes me feel a lot better knowing that what I say is something you enjoy and appreciate. Thank you for your encouragement and your thoughts!

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  6. Tas—When I first came across your blog (2 months ago?), I read a few posts and felt it was a “positivity” blog. You have such a cheerful and positive attitude and that comes across when I read your posts. 🙂 I need that sometime so I come here! The title “your own beautiful” is an inspiring title and it tells me that you want to inspire people (women young and old – not just girls) to be their own beautiful. To me, beautiful can refer to physical things, emotions / personality or even attitude (as in if you have a beautiful attitude that makes you a beautiful person).

    I think you should keep your options open and blog about all three topics (they seem related to me) if and when you feel like it, so you don’t limit yourself and / or run out of ideas for posts! (Sometimes I struggle with this!) You may even change directions after a few months—who knows!

    Regardless of whichever route you decide to go in the end, I think you should let your own personality shine through and your own voice speak. There are many blogs out there that talk about the topics you suggested above, but it is the author’s perspective and voice on it that separates each blog and eventually attracts a loyal reader base. For instance, there are so many marriage blogs out there (soooo many)—I hope that my take on marriage is what keeps people coming back to my blog. ……Hope this helps. Good luck! 🙂 And don’t forget to change the “about this blog” page to update readers! 😉

    • I am so glad to have met you over the blogosphere (is that how you spell that word?)! I enjoy all of our conversations, whether on your blog or mine. Thank you so much! I am really glad that you feel that my blog is one of positivity and inspiration. That means I’m doing what I wanted (yay me!). I think, from what you and others have said, I just need to keep doing what I’m doing, and implement the other things I like (the lifestyle and health bit). I love your blog back! And I know you kind of have a narrow topic, but I think if you want more post ideas… you can talk about the teeny unimportant things in marriage! Marriage is both of our lives right now. Your posts don’t have to be giant revelations! I enjoy your blog too much to have to wait for those. 😉 Thanks for being my blogging friend! And for giving me that little extra push! xoxo

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