InstaChallenge Day 29: Light!

Aaaaaagh! Only one more day! I don’t know what I am going to do with myself.Give me some topics you may like to read about on this blog! I’m open to suggestions, I have several in mind… but I can’t decide… there’s too many.

In any case, we are still in challenge mode today and I have to say that the day ended up being 100 times better than expected. I had a productive morning before classes, got a 13/15 on a group project, had a really amazing conversation with a friend, and then spent the evening with some awesome people at a class that Brock and I teach for church. And I ate some Peppermint Kisses.

You are probably wondering what that has to do with the challenge today: light. It’s quite simple. You see, all of those things brightened my day. And now maybe I can share some light with you.

Christmas season is upon us and my favorite type of decoration is definitely nativities. At our wedding, we were given this lovely nativity ornament… but sadly it is very heavy. Too heavy for the tree. But my genius husband found a spot for it and it now hangs from our light fixture in the living room. And love how it looks in the light!


Here’s one from Avery. He loves taking pictures of the sun! Perfect shot of those rays!


Here’s Daddy’s. Nothing like the light of a campfire. I have to say, I might be a pyromaniac. I love looking at fire… and lighting things of fire… but not all things… only safe things… smile…


And here is one from Bryanna! She said today’s challenge made her think of Matthew 5:16, “ye are the light of world…” Love it!


There are a lot of ways to portray light, as you have seen today. I love all the different angles. I love that we can all be unique with our own thoughts after hearing just one word. And light is such a great example of that. Thank you for sharing today!


I have to say, I think this is a great way to end this challenge. Tomorrow, think about how you are. And think about what things you are grateful for about yourself. And maybe think about some things you would like to improve on. Because that’s what we will be talking about when the challenge is over. Goodnight, all!



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