InstaChallenge Day 28: Nighttime!

Happy Wednesday!

I feel a weight off my shoulders. I just helped my hubby edit his paper for school. Stressful work, I tell ya! Now it’s challenge time… and people, I have to say, I’m a little sad. I haven’t had too many photos lately. Shame shame 😉 But I forgive you! There’s still 2 days left and you can join in now if you haven’t yet! Today’s challenge is nighttime.

Not gonna lie, I’m a little frustrated that is is dark at like 6:00! What the heck? I can’t do anything… but only three more weeks of progressive earlier darkness… then it will only get brighter! Here’s my nighttime photo. Fun night at the Balloon Fest in Oklahoma. I love fairs! They are something that I can actually do at night! We had funnel cakes, gyros, road the Ferris Wheel, watched some big ol’ trucks mudding. It was a good time!


I will try and be a little more thankful for the night… Since it was a part of the challenge. I will say that I am uber grateful that Brock and I both have jobs where we don’t have to work at night and can spend our evenings together… Even if it means helping each other do homework.




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