InstaChallenge Day 25: Best Friends!

Hello loves!

Today I switched with artwork, remember? So the challenge is best friends. You are probably wondering why I would do that… let me explain! Today is my first anniversary! I am so so sooooooo grateful for my best friend, Brock! We have made it one year and are still madly in love. Go us 😉 Just kidding, I knew we would do it!… isn’t he handsome?! I just love this guy!

It is amazing how much has happened. The changes we’ve been through… we have both changed so much this year. I feel like different person. It’s for the better. But it’s crazy how much of each other we have incorporated into our own personalities. A lot has happened! The adventures we’ve been on, the love we’ve shared. The laughter, the bickering. It’s all been so grand!

We are probably the biggest goofballs I know. I’m lucky to have someone I can be myself with. Someone who knows I’m a dork, loves me anyways, and is a dork right back.

He does so much for me! He makes me want to be better, work harder, do my best. He pushes me.

I couldn’t ask for a better best friend. I love him with all my butt (it’s bigger than my heart!…wink….) and I can’t wait for all of the years to come!

Obviously, these are all a little old, and not Instagrammed. But I wanted to share the funny, loving moments we shared on that first day of our lives together! I hope that one day, if you haven’t already, you can find a best friend like mine (you can’t have mine though!)

I feel so strongly, that your spouse should be your best friend! Better than anyone else. They need to be your top priority, the one you go to with everything. The one you would trust your life with! When that person is your best friend, then nothing else matters. There’s no pressure in your relationship, no doubt, no worry. There may be trials and struggles, but friendship makes love so much stronger than just love. It makes it last!

I guess I better share the others who submitted their best friend pictures today! 🙂 I mean, this is a challenge. Of course, Bryanna shared her picture. This is her best friend brother! Yes for family friends! Those are the best to have because they love you no matter what! Here’s what she said:

“He has always been there for me and we are almost like twins. He can always make me smile when I’m in the worst of moods. He’s always up for an adventure as long as I’m by his side. He is an example to me and I love him.”

Sounds like a great best friend! Cherish that, girl! It will last!


I hope you enjoyed today’s post. It’s probably my favorite, but I’m biased 😉 Happy Sunday, all!




2 thoughts on “InstaChallenge Day 25: Best Friends!

    • Thank you! And we did not save it. We got married in Arizona, where I’m from and honeymooned road tripping to Arkansas, where he is from and where we live. So we didn’t really have a way to save it. Glad you and hubby are besties! 🙂

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