InstaChallenge Day 21: Where You Sleep!


So today, and every day I am so grateful for today’s challenge… where you sleep! I could have taken a number of pictures of this, too! I know what you are thinking… how many beds does she have?! Little do you know, that I do not need a bed to sleep. I sleep in Brock’s chair, I sleep on the floor, I sleep in the passenger seat of the Mini Cooper named Lucy. I do sleep in my bed occasionally. Like at night. But during the day, any old place will do! I’m a napper. A power-napper. 10-30min naps are my favorite! I get re-energized and ready for the rest of the day!

I need to more to South American where they have Siestas during the day. Did you know that? Lunch breaks are like 2 hours so they can take a nap! For real! It’s because it’s the hottest part of the day, and really too hot to work. But for real, think how much more productive America will be if we all took naps after lunch!

Here’s my usual nap spot… the futon!


Here’s Matt/Daddy’s. This is above where he sleeps! It’s so precious and I love it! I have one… I haven’t put it on a wall yet. But I just love it so much!


I hope you are all thankful for where you sleep! I love sleeping! I should probably do less of it though. I can’t help it. It’s like… comfort. I just need a lot of sleep! I guess I should just soak it up now before I have kids, right?

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 22nd: CLOTHING! (It might be posted the next morning… we will see how full I am after turkey!)

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!



2 thoughts on “InstaChallenge Day 21: Where You Sleep!

  1. hi tasmin skye!

    thanks so much for coming by my blog. it’s so sweet of you to visit 🙂 and yes, i DID see that chai recipe elsie and emma posted… i can’t wait to try it! i’m always looking for new chai recipes, and am actually really new to making it myself. i usually just get it at a local cafe… it’s homemade and SOOO good.

    i like your post! what a cozy photo. i’m so thankful for where i sleep! i love my bed and cozy blankets and down pillow. i guess i could use MORE sleep, but the times i do sleep, i’m thankful 🙂 lovely post dear. hope you enjoy the weekend!

    xox, amber

    • Thanks for visiting Amber! Sounds like you have an adventure on your hands with trying all those new recipes! I love experimenting in the kitchen!
      And thank you… I am alllll about cozy! I’m working on making the whole house feel cozy and warm! I think winter does that to me!
      Happy holiday to you!

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