InstaChallenge Day 20: Seasonal!

Woo! Hello out there!

There are only 10 days left! I’m a little sad… but I am still having such a blast with this. Now, I need to preface today’s challenge of seasonal images. I know I have posted a TON of leaves-on-trees pictures, but this different. They’re on the ground now! And I mean, I could have shared a picture of a small stack of my Christmas lights with you, but that’s lame, I don’t have many “seasonal” decorations… This is my first year owning a home during the holidays. And to be quite honest, it is difficult to find time to buy.make.set-up decorations when school is in session. Hopefully, my Christmas will look better than my vacant Thanksgiving because school will be out! Woo! Ok, back to leaves. Here they are! And boots are also quite seasonal, too! …wink!…


Here’s Daddy’s. He took the season side of things. I love all of these pictures! All Arizona scenes: spring flowers, summer sun and cactus, monsoon lightning… and awesome sunsets are always!


I hope you are enjoying the challenge as much as I am. I am so so thankful for all the things that this is making me think of! It’s opening my eyes and helping me notice the small things in life that I truly am grateful for!

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 21st: WHERE YOU SLEEP! (everyone has one of these, so I expect several pictures!)



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