InstaChallenge Day 19: Artwork!

Hello everybody!

I hope I have not confused you. Today is not best friends like the list said. I took the liberty to change it. It has been switched with the 25th, today is in fact artwork! Remember when we talked about talents? Well, I kind of like to think I have a talent in artwork… but the thing is, artwork is such a broad subject. I am sure each one of you out there has a talent for some kind of artwork! There are so so many kinds.

I did this for my brother for his birthday this year. He always draws pictures of me and him and I love them! So I decided to draw for him and here it is:


Here’s some artwork from the talented Bryanna! I am super jealous… I cannot, cannot! draw hands. I love this. She loves artwork and drawing and looking at other peoples drawings! Me too, girl!


Here’s some more artwork! This is Maggie’s. A hot air balloon out of clay! How cool is that? I love it. I took a pottery class one summer when I was like 9 or 10. Loved it. I would love to work with clay and pottery more often! Beautiful work, darling!


This one is my favorite. Sorry ladies, but I can’t help it! For those of you readers who may not understand why this is so important to me, let me share. This is Matt/Daddy’s drawing of Jesus Christ and my brother. My brother is serving a mission for our church right now (that explains the suit!). He has worked hard the past few years to save enough money and then dedicate two years of his life preaching the gospel and serving people just like you and me. He doesn’t have a job, he isn’t making money. That’s all he does. For two years. He isn’t allowed to call home, just email. We get an email once a week from him…. this picture (though I know my dad had it planned before he left) depicts the touching words he writes home. By brother has been strengthening his relationship with the Savior to a point that probably looks just like this. There is such a touching a moving spirit about this that I cannot describe.


Thank you to all who have shared their talents and artwork today! It is all so beautiful. And for those just reading, I hope that you can cherish the artwork that is around you! Do you have a favorite kind? Today, drawing seemed to be popular, but there are hundreds of different mediums to choose from!

Until tomorrow!




4 thoughts on “InstaChallenge Day 19: Artwork!

    • Haha thanks girl! We all get it from Dad… that’s the truth! He has got art in his blood! Like every single kind! I cannot tell you how jealous.proud.happy his work makes me! Thanks xoxo

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