InstaChallenge Day 18: Something New!

Wooo! It’s late, guys!

But I couldn’t let another day go by since I missed last night. Today’s challenge was something new (for official rules, click here). I have to say today was easy because I went to Target on Monday…. Are you following? Oooo I love shopping! I bought me some new slippers! That may sounds silly, but listen…

I am so thankful for these new slippers! My house is mostly tile or hardwood. Only two rooms have carpet and don’t go in those very often… my floor is cold! I had some slippers from Target before, if you have been to their shoe section during winter in the past 4 years, you have probably seen them: dark brown, chunky but fluffy inside, moccasins type. When I bought them they were $10, then $12 the next, then $15, now they are $20. Yeah right. I was not getting those again. But that’s not the only reason. They are bulky and heavy and make too much noise when I walk because they are so bulky and heavy. That is why I love my new ballet flat slippers! They are perfect and I love how cute they make my feet look. I’m not generally a fan of my feet. Or anyone’s. But I do like them in these!


This one is Matt/Daddy’s. He wanted me to post a picture of the “new”ly weds. That’s me…. even though this picture is exactly one week away from being a year old, I still feel like we are new, too. I will tell you more about this in a week!… wink wink….


And look what new thing we have here! Permit! Woooohoooo! Go Bryanna! Just be careful! Tehehe, I almost ran into my house, a semi, and an old lady when I was learning!


Ok, folks, that’s it for today! We’re getting closer to the end. I will be sad when that happens, but I will say that I love blogging. I love sharing with you and interacting with you, and all of this still feels very new to me! And I am thankful for it! Have a super Sunday and I will talk to you tomorrow!

I am taking some liberty with this being my own blog and switching two days…. If anyone gets confused, I will save what was supposed to be tomorrow’s picture for later when do that day. For now, all you need to know is…




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