InstaChallenge Day 17: Memories!

Hello out there!

I’m sorry for beng a day late… I have a good excuse. We went to some friends’ house and had breakfast for dinner! There was eggs, biscuits and sausage, waffles, bacon, juice. It was delicious! Good home cooking! And then we topped off our night with some games and YouTube videos. I think YouTube connects our friendship… I don’t know why. I’m not even an avid watcher, but my hubby and his bestie live the YouTube life. I don’t know what that means….

In any case. I had so many options to choose from for this challenge of memories! So many good stories to tell. It was really hard to decide. But I decided to go with one of my favorite things to do with my little brother and sister…. go to the zoo!

This picture was from 3 years ago. It was winter break and it’s really cheap to get into the zoo. So we always loved going! Talking to the monkeys never gets old (and we can get them to talk back!) The tiger is never too boring as he paces… and the new baby lions were just adorable. The lion king that used to roam the zoo, even when my dad was a kid, finally died. He was looking so frail and sad. I grew with that big ol’ lion! May he rest in peace.

Next to the zoo is a park with two little ponds filled with ducks. They are connected to each other with a little stream that is lined with big rocks on both sides. Its tradition when visiting the zoo to bring a picnic, extra bread for the ducks, and good shoes. The shoes are so we can walk along the rocks in between the ponds…. All of them! there’s a lot! But it is always fun! And then we go to the ginormous playground and wear ourselves out and go home! That is something I miss about home. I love you, Maggie and Tanner!


Here’s Byranna! This is on her 14th birthday! “After I came home from volleyball I found my favorite food on the stove… I ended up spilling it everywhere and then stepping in it.” Oh good times! I can’t say I have slipped in food before. Water, but not food! Tehe.


I hope that {yesterday} you were all thinking of some wonderful memories you have! Cherish those!




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