It’s the most Sweaterful time of the year!

Hello Lovelies!

I decided it was time for something outside of our wonderful Instagram Challenge for the month. How about some winter fashion?

Yeah? Ok! Great!

Earilier this week, I went to my local Salvation Army and cleaned out the ugly/huge, but adorable sweaters for only $8. Quite a deal! They are old and hideous…. but they are so hideous that it’s beautiful! I get the big ones because I love wearing them with leggings. I say love in kind of a future tense… I have never lived in a climate where it was possible to wear a sweater all day. Now I do! Yesss. So now, I love it!

The best part is, you can dress them up in all kinds of different ways. Add accessories like: flashy big jewelry, a scarf, a hat, cute boots, or just a coat to go over it. I definitely had fun with my old-new-to-me sweaters this week!

So now it’s time to spend a couple dollars and clean out the ugly sweater section at your local thrift store. I know you have them… Just think of all the possibilities, don’t think of your gramma when she was younger… It changes the whole look! …wink… Thrift stores are full of treasures and you can rock them. Just pull some guts, be brave, and don’t care what you think people might say! I actually got several comments on my gramma sweater!

Until… oh yeah tonight! Back to the challenge!



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