InstaChallenge Day 16: Animals!

Happy Friday!

The weekend is finally here! Before I delve into today’s challenge I would like to say congratulations to my amazing Uncle and wonderful new Aunt on their wedding day! I love you both!

Ok, the challenge today was animals. I really want a puppy. I tell Brock like at least once a week. Now, realistically, I know we really shouldn’t have one because we aren’t home enough to train one and take care of him… but I just love them! And my luck would have it… after I finally got one with my family, I get married and move away. This is my Marley puppy, way away in Arizona without me. I miss that little dork (she is, she does funny little butt dances and runs into stuff). I love her.


If you’re wondering, she’s a Yorkie/Terrier/Chihuahua thing.

Next one is from Matt. He is basically obsessed with cool and interesting frogs but this is the final piece of his collection… And his favorite!


And of course we have Bryanna! This is her little kitty, she’s had he since she was born!


I do love animals! And I still really want a puppy. Have a good weekend everybody! And love your animals!

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 17th, MEMORIES! This should be good.


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