InstaChallenge Day 15: Technology!

Oh what a day! I’m still in blur mode…

I am actually quite mad at myself. I had the perfect picture planned for today… Technology. But it was in a classroom for one of my classes, and I forgot to take it. So instead I will share a picture of my life. Seriously. This is my life. I probably spend 70% of my waking hours at my computer. Either doing homework, finding a dinner recipe, doing homework, blogging, reading blogs, or doing homework.And I always have my phone near me somewhere… usually texting my Mama. This is my life.

P.S. If anyone would like to donate an iPad to the Tasmin Skye Fund, I would appreciate adding to my technology collection 😉


This one is just awesome. Thank you, Matt/Daddy. He said not all technology is electronic. Some is just as useful though! Because this little bit of technology is sure keeping him warm! Again, I am amazed at the extremely different interpretations.


Update! Here’s one from Bryanna. This is probably the cutest phone case ever… Like me, Bryanna would die without her technology. We are a new generation, girly!


I truly am grateful for all of our technology. Homework would be annoying without the internet for research papers, Microsoft Word (with spell check and delete) for everything else, and Pinterest for distractions. Not to mention the communication that is possible! I could seriously go on for days about how much technology I am thankful for. Basically all of it. What is your favorite piece of technology?




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