InstaChallenge Day 14: Movement!

Helllllooooo gorgeous!

Last night, when I announced today’s challenge I had no idea what I was going to take a picture of… but this morning after I planned my hectic crazy day, I knew exactly! There’s a lot of different ways to interpret movement as there have been with the past challenges. At first I thought of sports, or dancing. But there are so many other ways to capture movement.

Today, I felt like I was in a blur. Homework, chore, practice song for church performance tonight. Create a PowerPoint, make lunch, sell a futon, write a research paper. Write a proposal, email a teacher, make some dinner and a treat for church, write again. Go to church, perform, clean up, stress, go home, work out, back to PowerPoint. Blog. And here I am. Did you feel the blur sensation hit you??

It’s the last stretch of school, everything is due, holidays are coming. It is like the world around me is rushing by and I am at a stand still. (one of the projects I was working on – on the computer – crashed after an hour of work without saving… I almost cried) I feel like I didn’t make a whole lot of progress today other than the church activity being over and I finished my history essay… I forgot to put that in the blur above. I will be so THANKFUL when school is over.


Bryanna, of course had a different interpretation, just like I expected. This is her nephew who’s favorite thing is to get thrown in the air! I used to love that, too!


Here’s Matt with another, his boy (my lil brover) dancing, jumping, running, I’m not sure what… he’s just on the move like all little boys are!


Another look at movement is something I am recently passionate about, how about exercise? I will talk about that later when we get back to some tips and help on having a beautiful life. Though I do love finding the beauty that I already have through this challenge. Look for the beauty in yours! It’s not too late to snap some shots with us. Check out the rule here.




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