InstaChallenge Day 12: Hands!

Hello out there!

Hands. I am thankful for hands. If it weren’t for hands I would not be typing this blog post right now. I don’t know how I would have made dinner, or finished my homework, or practiced a song on the piano today. I couldn’t have driven earlier, or washed my hair, or wiped the counters.

Hands do so many things. They say a lot about a person. What do your hands say about you? Do they say that you work hard? That you help others? That you spend way too much time on your nails (occasionally guilty)? That you have good hygiene? You can tell a lot by someone’s hands.

This is my favorite picture of hands. It was taken almost one year ago… My hand, my Mama’s hand, and my Gramma’s hand. On my wedding day. I am lucky to have hands that have been taught by the hands of these amazing women!


I hope every day you are thankful for the tools God gave you to do so many of the things you do every day! Hands are a wonderful gift!




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