InstaChallenge Day 11: Something Old!

Hello World!

Today’s Challenge is something old. I really wanted to take a picture of my lovely piano that my hubby got me for Christmas last year… but we always go to my in-laws on Sunday after church, and I forgot to take one before we left this morning. And I didn’t want to wait to post until late tonight. It’s a 1925 Upright and it’s gorgeous. Maybe a challenge will come up for that later…

Instead I found a treasure at my in-laws. They have a lot of cool stuff. They live out in the country and I could have chosen a number of beautiful things that have. I love it out here. It’s so peaceful and everything has such a wonderful charm! WE found this in my search… I don’t know how old it is, but I love it. This clock is so beautiful, and it even winds. I love old clocks, or just intricate and gorgeous ones. You know, like the ones they make in Germany and sell here that are like $8,000. Ha! I will never have one, but they are gorgeous, and this is one is so antique! Talk about charm!


Bryanna sent her picture today and it is just adorable! I really don’t have anything to say about it besides that (ps… it’s her… a long time ago!).


It’s been a good Sunday, and I will say that another old thing I am thankful for is Brock’s Grampa. He is just a cute little country man who fries food and wears overalls. I just love him to death! I hope you cherish the old things in your life and not just focus on the new things you can get. It’s not always about something new… You can find a lot of joy, character, stories and memories in things of the past! Happy Sunday!

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 12th:  HANDS! (oh I have a good one for this! I am going to have to find it though… be ready!)



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