InstaChallenge Day 10: Nature!

I’m sure you are all tired of my fall pictures. I was so tempted to take another for today’s challenge, nature!

But I decided to share an older picture with you today… I took this a little over a year ago. I was wondering around my fiance’s (now husband’s) yard/field looking for places to take out engagement pictures: the barn, the creek, the trees. There were so many wonderful places… and i stumbled upon some beautiful wild flowers. I love that about Arkansas…. flowers! They are probably my favorite part of nature.


This is one is from our wonderful friend, Bryanna. What a gorgeous sky! Clouds give the sky so much character!


Here’s some desert of some nature! Thanks, Maggie! She captures a lot here, sky, desert, plants. Love it!


Here’s from Matt. He calls it the manbug! Relative of the ladybug… red spots on a black bug!


One thing I love about this challenge are all of the different interpretations! It just shows that we are all unique… but you all have such wonderful insights and thoughts. Thank you for those of you share, and thank you to our visitors who are thinking about the wonderful things they are thankful for! Have a happy weekend!

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 11th: SOMETHING OLD! (don’t take a picture of your parents, that’s mean …wink…)



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