InstaChallenge Day 9: Inspiring Person


Today was a hard one… not because I couldn’t think of an inspiring person… I just couldn’t decide! My husband is pretty inspiring; he makes me want to be and do better. He pushes me and lifts me. My Daddy is pretty inspiring; he is so talented and I want to be as good as him! He is so smart and he’s amazing teacher. There are so many others I could talk about. Many many people have made huge differences in my life… but…

I had to choose Mama. She gave up everything she knew to follow Christ, she sacrifices all she has for our family, she goes, goes, goes and never stops, always working hard to help everyone with what they need. She is smart and silly and loves watching chick flicks and eating chips and dip with me. She is my best friend! Love you, Mama!


Matt’s is just awesome/hilarious! If you can’t guess who these to green power houses are, Yoda and the Hulk would be a good guess!


Bryanna had the same problem I had all day. She could pick just one! This is her family several years ago. All of her brothers are great examples to her and she says that mommy ” tells me to always remember who I am and to not let other people get the best of me.” I’m so glad you love your family, Bryanna!


Here’s Mama’s, aka Allison... can you guess? It’s God. Another reason why I love her!


UPDATE! I missed this one folks… I’m so sorry Tara! Thank you for sharing! She says this inspires her to keep playing her guitar! You go girl. That is a talent you can appreciate all of your life!


That concludes today’s challenge. Thank you for sharing who inspires you today! People truly are meant to come into our lives for a reason!



4 thoughts on “InstaChallenge Day 9: Inspiring Person

  1. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog! I thought I’d pay you a visit too :). I love the mission of your blog of discovering your own beautiful. It’s a great message :).

    And I would have to agree. My mom is the most inspiring person I know too!

    • Thanks for stopping by! And thank you! I think every women needs to be individual, but still feel important, strong, and… beautiful!
      I love mom’s. They are just the best. There is no other way to describe them!

  2. aww thanks so much for posting that then! I forgot to look for it in the post until just now, and just seeing it here inspired me all over again! 😉


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