InstaChallenge Day 8: Favorite Color!

Hello out there!

Today is a good day. Today’s challenge was your Favorite Color. And I have to say, my favorite color is the happiest color there ever was… Yellow!! And isn’t it fitting that I found yellow leaves on this beautiful fall day! Two favorite things!


However, I actually love all the colors; bright, happy, wonderful colors! So I couldn’t resist sharing this stained glass window that I stumbled upon today. Really, it was hidden and I found it! It’s so pretty!


Avery’s favorite color is red. And this is, in fact, his favorite car, too! Two favorite things!


Bryanna’s favorite color! purple… and guess what? Flowers! Two favorite things! I love flowers, too!


And last, but not least, Matt: favorite color, green… and favorite fun thing to do? Yeah buddy! Two favorites!


I just love all the colors! I’m really glad the world isn’t in black and white… that would be so sad! Colors just make me so happy. I hope that you are grateful for colors, too!!! Are you?

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 9th: AN INSPIRING PERSON! – this should be good 😉


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