InstaChallenge Day 7: Something Funny!

Hello everyone and welcome back to the show!

I hope that today you were thinking about the funny things you are thankful for. Funny: I’m thankful I married a semi bald man because I love rubbing his head right after he shaves it, it just has that cool super short buzzed hair feeling, ya know? Even funnier: my first impression when I saw him was… what the heck! He’s bald. Ew. (My bestie set us up on a blind date. I will have the full story posted someday. …wink…)

But I am not posting a picture of that. Today, I will share an adventure I had a week ago. I found starfruit at the grocery store! Woooo! I was so excited because I always wanted to try starfruit! Something that looks like a star has got to taste like magic, right? Wrong… it tasted like medicine and it was awful. Never eat starfruit! But I am thankful for adventures that only cost me $1.89, I just wish it had been a more successful adventure! Tehehe


This one is from Avery, and I have to say… I love it when this happens. It’s even funnier when someone else trying to tell you something and they can’t and you’re like, Dude! Say it! HAHA! Good times, good times.

20121107-192051.jpgThis is one from Bryanna, her and her stepsister painting! There is nothing much funnier than two girls and some paint. It can get pretty dangerous! 😉


Laughter is the best medicine, so if you are not feeling particularly thankful today, find something to laugh at! It will make you feel better and then you will have a funny story! Just go watch some YouTube or something. There’s always something funny. Or stay up until you’re so tired that everything is funny! Or try putting earphones in your nostrils and opening your mouth… it works like a speaker and it seriously the funniest thing I have ever done in my life. Want to see a video of me making a complete fool of myself with headphones?


xoxo – until tomorrow, lovies!


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