InstaChallenge Day 5: Morning Sky

Oh what a beautiful morning!

Daylight savings changed yesterday… I wasn’t a fan of the sun coming up at 7:30am. It’s very hard to get out of bed when it’s dark outside. Don’t you agree? Now that the sun is coming up at 6:30am, I am very happy. I actually took my pictures when I was camping though.. I cheated a little bit, but that is because we got up to watch the sunrise! So I just had to use these instead (yes, today I have two). Today’s challenge was The Morning Sky.

I love the colors of the sky when the sun is on the horizon.Either sunrise or sunset, I’m not picky. And I love mornings! They are so quiet in my little neighborhood. When the air is crisp and the birds (only a few, I hate when there’s a million!) are chirping, and it’s time to get out and into the sun. There is just nothing better. Here’s  my first: Before the sun comes up.


And here is the sun on the horizon! My favorite 🙂


This picture is from Maggie. I love this morning picture because it has the moon in it! I love the moon!


This picture has some great morning colors that I adore! Thanks Bryanna!


Another great and unique morning picture! Hot air balloons! This one is from Matt (aka. Daddy).


Thank you to everyone who is sharing their wonderful pictures with me! I really enjoy seeing your interpretation of the day’s challenge. It lets me see a little but more about you and what you are grateful for. When we are full of gratitude, there is no room for bad feelings! Keep taking great pictures (for challenge rules, click here) and keep being thankful for the wonderful world we live in!



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