InstaChallenge Day 4: Leaves!

It’s only day four! You all are sending me wonderful pictures, I am totally loving this!

A little reminder, if you are doing the 30 day Instagram Challenge and you want your pictures posted here on the blog, please tag me in them!!! I am not posting untagged pictures for privacy reasons. And if you took the last few days’ pictures but didn’t tag them, let me know and I will add them to the right posts 🙂 For the full rules, click here.

Today’s challenge was leaves. I never knew how much I was missing out on fall when I lived in Arizona. Yes, we kind of had a fall… but out here, there are actually gorgeous colors all over. It helps that there are actually trees out here! I am totally loving this season because, for the first time in my life, I can crunch through leaves everywhere I go. The colors are AMAZING! I cannot get over how beautiful it is out here. I am so thankful for this! I am sooo thankful for leaves!


Bryanna, my faithful InstaChallenger, submitted this pretty picture! She says her favorite thing to do was “rake them up in a pile and jump on it!” I did that last year… but our tree fell down this summer and so I have no leaves to rake and it makes me very sad! But I still love looking at other people’s leaves!




2 thoughts on “InstaChallenge Day 4: Leaves!

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