InstaChallenge Day 2: Smile!

Good Eye Might!

(Did you totally just read that in an Australian accent or what?! That’s right! Trying to make you smile!)

If you are thankful for smiles, raise your hand! Ooo oo oo! Meeee! I love them. And I love making other people smile, but even more… I love it when other people make me smile! I believe that smiles make the world go round! In fact, I already talked about how magical and wonderful smiles really are!

Clearly, if you haven’t figured it out… today’s challenge was SMILE! So here is my smile!
If you want to get caught up on the challenge, click here.

Bryanna wins today though. I love her smile picture a million times more! It makes me… Smile šŸ™‚ I love it, love it, love it! Pass your smiles around today!

You can still get in on the action! I’m having tons of fun with this šŸ™‚ Oh and sorry about the lateness. I will explain in my happiness post tonight! You have another picture to take today!!!


Tara, thanks for sharing your favorite smile! Little boy smiles are the best! I love them. I wish all of my brothers stayed little… wink wink!



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