InstaChallenge Day 1: Favorite Food


First day of challenge! Whoooo! If you are behind and don’t know what I am talking about… click here for the Instagram Gratitude Challenge.

Today’s item is your FAVORITE FOOD. Regrettably, my favorite food is french fries… but I couldn’t eat them today because I have to be healthy. BUT! I am very very very grateful for pumpkin this time of year! So I took of picture of some delicious pumpkin squares! I have also made pumpkin muffins, and I cannot waaaait for pumpkin pie!!!


Bryanna’s favorite food is orange chicken with a fortune cookie! Way to go girlie! And because of that, I will tell you that I am especially grateful for Vietnamese food (I know orange chicken is Chinese, but whatevs)!

Today was a really hard day actually, because I just love food. So so so much. I’m a totally foodie.

Even if you didn’t play today, you can still join us TOMORROW! Because this is an all month challenge, baby! Be grateful!


Ready set go! Remember I need them in a timely manner. I am going camping tomorrow night though, so you will have to look for the post Saturday morning.


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