Hello Pretty Face!

It’s the moment we have been waiting for! INSTAGRAM CHALLENGE!

Be Grateful!!!

That’s what this challenge is about. We should be grateful all year round, but guaranteed, we are all guilty of bringing our most thankful attitudes out in November. But oh well! At least this will help us think of it all month and not just on Thanksgiving!

I found this awesome challenge here from pinterest, of course! Here’s how it works: Every day in November, we will take a picture of something we are thankful for… the list in order is below.

The Rules:

1. Follow me on Instagram: @misstasie (I will follow you back to make this awesome!)

2. Take that shot every day (or some of the days. Whatever.)

3. If you want your picture shared on my blog, tag me in the description. I WILL ONLY POST PICTURES THAT I AM TAGGED IN! I will put your first name only on the blog to give you your credit and keep your privacy. For those of you who want to just do the challenge, have fun and don’t tag me.

4. If you want to be in the blog, you must have posted your picture by 7:00pm Central Time! Because after that, it’s going viral! Kinda…

5. For those of you without iPhones who want to participate: You can email the picture to me at if you want me to share it on the blog. Same rules apply as above. 7:00pm, first name only, etc. I like to let everyone play with me!

I will remind you of the next day’s challenge that night, but you can check back here for the list. I cannot wait! This is gonna be fun! So get your camera’s ready for THURSDAY (That’s when November starts.. I just wanted to give you a heads up!).




14 thoughts on “Instagram-o-rama!

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