Dress for Yourself

Hey gorgeous!

I have some very serious questions for you:

What do you put on in the morning if you feel like crap? How do you do your hair? Make-up, yes or no? I’m thinkinh sweatpants and t-shirt, messy bun, no make-up. Right?

That’s what I used to do. But you know what the problem with that is? Later when you feel better, you can’t fully feel better because you look like a bum. So… You feel like a bum.

What do you when you come home for the day? Throw on some basketball shorts and chill?

Same problem. You won’t get much done feeling that way.


I used to be a basketball shorts and t-shirt kind of girl. I used to wear sweatpants to school, no make-up. Messy hair.

I never felt good.

There are girls who say… Pssh! Remember when we were in high school and dressed up everyday? Well now we’re in college. Forget that. Sweatpants!

You know what I say? I say, I don’t care if I’m staying home all day! I’m gonna look cute, I’m wearing make up and I’m doing my hair! It is my personal experience that your outside appearance effects your mood. If you are having a bad day and you get all dolled up, you will feel better, I promise! If you are having a great day and dress like a bum, you feel lousy!

The other day, I was gonna be home all day so I did my normal dress up and make-up routine, but my hair was hideous! I felt like poop all day because I hated my hair. I didn’t want to do my homework or my errands or anything. I just wanted to sleep. And it was all my hair’s fault!

So here is my advice to you! Our attitude and appearance work on a catch 22. If we feel good on the inside, that usually makes us want to feel good on the outside. But on the other hand, if we feel good on the outside, our insides feel a lot better, too. So dress up! And dress for yourself! I’m not dressing to please anyone put me! My hubby thinks I’m funny for dressing up on days where I stay home all day. But it’s for me!

Look cute = feel happy! That’s my motto! (I have a lot, I think)

Have a super day! Exciting stuff happening in the next 2-4 days so come back soon because I’m about to start an intense instagram challenge! Who doesn’t love that?




11 thoughts on “Dress for Yourself

  1. AGREED. That’s sooo true–i love when i’ve always got someplace to go, so i have an excuse to put on some of my nicer clothes. But you know what? I should just wear them anyways. šŸ˜€ Yeah, I’m gonna do that sometime, soon.

    Aw, snap! šŸ˜¦ I should really buy me an ipod! right now i don’t have any way to use instagram…bummer. Ah well.

    • You should! I have a lot of “lazy” clothes…. And I just quit wearing them. I need to clean some out (save a couple for when I actually need to do some dirty work or something!) and fill their spaces with new clothes! Woo! I went to Forever on Saturday and thought of you! I didn’t buy anything though. I was looking for leggings and they didn’t have awesome colors like they usually do. Oh well.

      I think I will try to make some rules for people who don’t have Instagram! šŸ™‚

  2. I love, love, love your blog. Love this post and I need to follow your advice. It’s so easy, as a mom, to just pajama it all day if I don’t have to go anywhere other than dropping my kids off at school. I need to dress for me. I know it makes me feel better and I have a great day.

    • thank you so much! I’m glad you agree! Unfortunately, a lot of us learn this lesson the hard way! A pajama day every once in a while is nice, too though! Just once in a while though! I feel much more productive when I’m cute!

  3. I fully agree with this. This could be why I feel AWESOME whenever I wear a nice dress, do my hair, put on makeup and jewellery when attending a wedding or a formal event. My attire makes me feel great! Given this, I’m not sure why I never bothered to dress up even when I’m at home! :0 It could definitely help my productively which hasn’t been great of late. (There are some people who are productive regardless of how they are dressed! I wish I was like that, but I’m not.) ….. I think though the reason I don’t always get dressed is because part of me is always thinking ahead—so let’s say I know I will be making dinner later and it involves tomato sauce, I’m likely to wear my “I don’t care if I get a stain on it” sweatshirt when I get dressed in the morning so I don’t have to change later. (I tried cooking in nice clothes once and although it felt great, I did end up staining a nice top and the stain never came out!) Same goes for workout attire. ….This could be a habit I need to nip in the bud for my own sake! :0

    • Oh goodness! I know exactly what you mean! I do the same thing with cooking! The dumb thing is… I love aprons. I love them. I think they are adorable. But I always forget to put one on… And I am a very messy cook. So I am totally with you on the “don’t cook cute” theory. I need to work on that! And mean green is my favorite stain remover. You can get it at Walmart. It works pretty well on even old stains most of the time. If it’s a grease stain, try baby powder and let it sit for an hour or so. (like I said, messy cook! I have to have tricks!)

  4. I will definitely check out that product! Right now I have been trying various home remedies courteousy of my 2 moms and while some work well to remove stains, they often have to be applied immediately before the stain sets in….. It would help then if I was aware of the stain at the time it happens….(e.g. baby powder does work for oil stains but not if you notice if after a week)! :0

    And I love aprons too–particularly the ones that look like dressed from the 50’s! But even those tend to look dirty out after a while because of all the stains I end up getting on them. My husband said he is going to get me a starch white apron. White b/c it will be even more incentive to be a neater cook—the way the professionals are. Although I dread the idea of wearing white while cooking, I **think** it may just end up helping me become a less messy cooK! šŸ˜‰

    • We just need a positive mantra! If we tell ourselves that we are messy cooks (guilty), then we will keep being messy cooks! We need to tell ourselves that we are tidy cooks… and soon we will live up to our own standard! Haha I like the white apron idea! if that doesn’t work, get a denim one. Those are awesome and no one cares if they are stained šŸ˜‰ And yes, I love the cute aprons, too! Sooo precious!

  5. I don’t wear make up and it’s more of a personal thing. But I do dress up and do my hair everyday even if the baby plays with it and messes it up. I think it is worth it to make me feel put together even if I just clean the house all day. Thanks for this post! Well put!

    • Lots of people don’t feel the need or desire to wear make-up. You will probably have much more beautiful skin when we all age! But I think you have the perfect attitude. I don’t have any kids yet, but I hope I take the time to “put myself together” when I do. I don’t want to fall into a rut when things get busy. It’s important for us women to have a little time to take care of ourselves and I think that’s part of it! Thanks for your comments!

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