It’s about stage not age

Hey pretty face!

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a video… So I decided it was time! Here’s my story for the week:

I hope I made my point without being harsh. This is just something that I know a lot of people deal with, struggle with, and have hard choices to make about.
I hope this helps you understand some important things about relationships:

It’s not about age… It’s about the stage in your life, and whether or not you are both in that same stage.

It’s important to have similar goals, things you can share together.

Something I didn’t mention, but that I will talk more on in future posts is that your head and your heart must agree! If your head can’t make sense of the stage difference, even though your heart says yes… move on. They BOTH have to agree. More on that later.

Loves and hugs, darling girl!


2 thoughts on “It’s about stage not age

  1. Why are you so cute?! I mean, I’ve known you for…goodness, your whole LIFE, and now you’re this AMAZINGLY AWESOME and BEAUTIFUL woman!!! WHEN DID YOU BECOME A WOMAN?! Okay, don’t answer that…but SERIOUSLY!
    I love everything you just said. And btw – I’m constantly trolling your blog. CONSTANTLY.
    Love ya Taz! xoxo

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