Find Your Flair

Hey purty lady!

I hope the week has been one of excitement! I definitely had an eventful week: I tried starfruit, finished an 8 week class, had the best peanut butter cookie of my life, and went for a walk in the park with my hubby.

I have decided it is time to get off of social networks and Pinterest and all of my other internet loves. They are wasting my life away and they are not moving me forward. Life is about moving forward. So I want you to join me. I’m not saying stop using the internet cold turkey, that’s just rude. But limit yourself. See if you can spend only half an hour doing useless surfing, stalking, and posting. And then do something else.When I say something else, I mean something… awesome! Something important. Something that moves you as a person forward.

I’m talking about finding your flair. Find a talent, a passion, a niche. Maybe you already have one. Maybe you have too many (like me) and you can’t decide which is the most important to you.My little sissy is an artist. I am very jealous of her skills! She is a champion of Doodlers and I love her style. She sent me a picture (It’s not finished! She made sure I would tell you), of something she is working on.

One of my favorite things is writing, obviously. I love blogging. That’s my flair. I am also a huge fan of singing. If you want to hear it though, I’m gonna need some love. Like, pin, share, whatever… or I can’t do it. I’m embarrassed. 😉

Let’s try and find one for you, or maybe help you think of something new you might like to try. A little brain storm action, how about?

Are you a music girl? Then try one of these:

Make music videos
Write a song

Maybe you are into sports. Ever tried something new like…

Ultimate Frisbee

Or maybe you just like regular sports:


Like get crafty? Those possibilities are limitless:

Make furniture

There’s way more, but just naming a few.

Maybe you are a kitchen lover:

Cake decorating

How about writing?


Are you an artist? I know that can mean a LOT of different
things but here’s a couple:


Perhaps you are a fan of the great outdoors:

Four wheeling
Rock climbing

Have I got the brain flowing? The goal here is to make a better you. When I was in high school, I could spend like 4 hours at a time fixing my myspace layout. Yes, that was what I did. BORING! Was that useful? No! Do I benefit from it now? No! I could spend so much time looking at funny quote pictures, Pinterest, craft sites, but did I ever do any of those things? No! Pitiful. Now, I am trying to make a better me. I am trying to find a goal and purpose. I need something in my life that makes me a PERSON and not just a body sitting in front of a computer screen (or TV or even books can take over your life, though I love reading, sometimes you need to get up and do!).

So I want you to find something. If you already have a talent that you love, but never make time for, make time for it and set the unimportant things aside. Facebook will not help you progress in life! I know, it’s a hard lesson to learn. But I promise, if you do something, you will be so much happier and you will feel better about yourself.

The thing to remember is that we may not know what we love if we don’t try knew things. And don’t give up if you don’t rock at it right away. It may take time. But it will pay off! Good luck, my darling! Take on the world and show them who’s boss! And share what you came up with, or tell me what talent you are pursuing right now! I would love to hear about it.


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7 thoughts on “Find Your Flair

  1. I am starting to crochet (: it’s calming and relaxing !! I used to scrapbook but then stopped, but now, I will start up again ! THANKS (: Your amazing !

    • I love crocheting! I usually just do it when I watch movies, then I don’t feel like I’m wasting time 😉 And Scrapbooking is great! I love looking at what other people scrapbook because they always have awesome pictures! the best way to keep memories! You go girl!

  2. Heya! Wow, those are some good ideas! I agree that one shouldn’t sacrifice real life things for a life on the internet! I’ve been realizing that too, the last few weeks, and slowly cutting down on my time on it. Right now I’m learning guitar; something I love doing with some of my friends. 🙂 Also I love crocheting; and sometimes I’ll draw. I love that doodle by your sister! She’s really good! I’ve always wanted to be able to do random doodles like that. 🙂

    • Sounds like you have found a lot of things to keep you progressing, growing and moving! I have tried to learn the guitar, I suck. So go you! 🙂 And thank you, I will tell you said so. She is quite talented in art!

  3. I love this post and the ideas you list! I do have a tendency to get distracted by FB, youtube, article links, other blogs (basically anything), when online. This is why I try to be productive with my time—FB is not really productive, except to be abreast of all the happenings in my friends and families lives—which I probably don’t need to know anyway….. Thank God I don’t have a smart phone!!! This is actually why my husband and I didn’t get one—we didn’t want to be connected 24/7 to the web and we were concerned that having a device that allows us to do that, would keep us glued to a screen (portable or not) more than we’d like.

    • Oh my goodness! I totally agree! My husband and I do have smart phones… but for some reason my wifi connector doesn’t reach into the living room anymore. It’s kind of frustrating… but at the same time, it’s making my life a lot less dependent on the internet. Hallelujah! Stick to your guns! Don’t get one! 😉

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