The Mighty Huntress

Hello darling!

Last week was the first guy post…today we’re gonna talk about flirting techniques you DON’T want to use.

This is very important stuff because I totally have done it, I have seen it. It is pathetic. So I want to warn you so that you don’t fall prey to the inner tiger within you and become a psycho pouncing man eater.

Here it is. Are you ready?

Women on the prowl are NOT ATTRACTIVE!

It scares guys. They don’t like it. And girls will just look at you like… desperate much?

Let me further explain my definition of “prowl.” There are several features which you would be better to avoid:

1. The Attention Hog:Β Girls who are constantly seeking attention are not going to get it. I am uber super guilty of this. Don’t laugh extra loud when cute guys are around. Don’t talk loud about the best day of your life so people will want to hear it. Don’t walk funny. Don’t interrupt other people talking because what you have to say is more important. Don’t mess with or flip your hair around (guilty). The thing about life is, people who usually go after something, don’t get it. It lands in the laps of those who aren’t expecting it. So if you want attention and you want all those guys to “see” you, then relax and be yourself and they guys who like that version of you will give you their attention.

2. Flirty-McFlirt-Shorts: If you want to be a flirt, and you want the reputation and you never want anything more than flirtationships, then flirt it up. Flirt with all guys. Who cares? Everyone! Geeee. Don’t be like that. Let me tell you why: The only guys that will go for that are Mr. Flirty-McFlirt-PANTS. Only interested in playing the field. Eventually, dollface, you will get tired of that! Eventually you will want something that lasts! But the only guys paying attention to Flirty-McFlirt-Shorts (that would be you) don’t want that. They guys that want something that lasts ignore flirtatious girls. So take it from someone who knows and keep the flirting to a minimum.

3. The Thruster: If you throw yourself at every boy that so much as blinks at you, we have a problem. Girls on the hunt are look for attention, and the moment they get it, they POUNCE! Poor little guy didn’t know what hit him! Then they are confused and honestly a little disturbed and scared. If you give your little heart to any guy that gives you attention for a minute, you will make yourself dizzy throwing yourself at way too many different people, who really don’t want that much of you in that moment! Relax, take a step back and just say hi in a friendly, no pouncing kind of way and.. breathe!

If you are out there looking for a man and sniffing and scouting, searching and lurking, it is my personal experience you are going to find nothing. My theory is that love comes up when you least expect it. Here’s a little clue why: If you are content with yourself and your life, you will be genuinely happy.

THAT, my sweet sweet girl, is what people find attractive.

PS. If there are any guys out the reading this: COMMENT! Am I right? Are all of my theories correct? If not, please correct them. If I am, please agree and tell the girls how it goes! LADIES! You can comment, too! I love to hear from you. Ideas, thoughts, problems. Tell me.

XOXO – until next time, love.

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11 thoughts on “The Mighty Huntress

  1. I wrote this late last night after a depressing, confusing day. now I want to delete it. Is there a way you can just delete it from your end? after that I don’t care what you do with all that information, just…get it off of this public place? πŸ˜› I’m kinda scared now that someone who knows me is gonna see it. :\ I tend to just say things without thinking too hard sometimes…

  2. It’s deleted, sweetheart! I can imagine your confusion though. If you want a better (more private outlet) and need someone to talk to, you can email me some of those confusing things you don’t want the world to read. I’m willing to listen. Do you still want some advice/comfort/feedback from the other comment? I won’t if you don’t. But I’m here to help.
    The email is
    I should put that on my page πŸ˜‰ I think I will.

  3. Hey tasie! Ive just finished reading all your blogs! They’re great! Its so true…you can totally tell when a girl is trying to impress a guy.Its so obvious and stupid. I like watching the guys reaction though!:)

    • My lovely little Max! Muah!
      I’m glad you like them all! More to come! πŸ™‚ And I agree, the guys are entertaining to watch, the girls are, too though. It’s just sad and pathetic! That’s why all you ladies should do it! Haha.
      Love you, pretty girl!

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